Women signs of attraction and How To Use Body language and confidence to attract women

You have probably heard this a thousand times, but its true. Women LOVE confident men. Confidence with women goes a long way, it's simply a must.. But to say the truth confidence alone wont help you that much. You will need a little something extra to start attracting women.

Where should you begin then?

A lot of guys are messed up when it comes to their confidence levels, some are too cocky while others are too shy. You my friend, need to fall in between, Too much confidence and you can end up looking like an arrogant kind of guy, and too little and you end up being the push over who gets pushed over for the next man. So, when you work on your confidence around women, make sure that you don't under do it, or overdo it.

The bottom line is that she needs to sense that you have some level of confidence in you.

Just being confident wont cut it. You are going to need to show this confidence to a woman. That means that you have to use the right body language, the right posture, and make her feel that you really are a guy that feels confident about himself.

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Another thing is that you need to learn how to read a girls body language so you can find out how she's reacting to you. Body language can be kind of tricky when you are first learning how to read a woman, and you don't really want to jump to conclusions, especially the WRONG ones. A woman WILL give herself away, as long as you are paying attention to her.

You NEED to be seen as the alpha male of the crowd.

No matter where you are, women should see you as the top dog of the crowd, the guy who leads others. This does two things, first is that she will instantly know that you are a confident guy as the alpha male and another is that women are very turned on by men who are 'leaders'. Now this doesn't mean that you should be arrogant and bossy to be an alpha. It's possible to be low key and still display alphaness (is that even a word haha).

Don't ever forget that confidence is the no. 1 key when it comes to attracting women.. Combine that with the ability to read signs of attraction and you are gold my friend.